Are These Macro Photos Taken From an Alien or Something Else?

Is This Alien-Like Structure REALLY a Plant?!

When we’re talking about plant photography, we usually think about objects that look familiar to our eyes. However, there are some other weird structures that are plants, but don’t really look like them.

Take Carnivorous plants for example! These alien-like structures trap and consume animals, insects and other arthropods.

Drosera, is one of those carnivorous plants, with so many species. What they do is actually lure, capture, and digest insects using their stalked glands covering their leaf surfaces. Horrible, right?! Well, they need nutrients, too.

This amazing nature photographer has captured macro photos of these bizarre plants and compiled them into a photo series.

Read through the short story, check out the images and let us know about your thoughts!

My name is Joni Niemelä and I’m a fine art nature photographer from Finland. My works consist mostly of the nature around me and especially those little details which are often overseen. Although I have been doing macro photography for several years now my fascination for alien-like plants called Droseras also known as Sundews have grown more and more in the last couple of years.

I published my first photo series “Drosera” about a year ago which shows mostly bright and colorful world of these plants. This year I wanted to have some contrast to this and created my second series “Otherworldly Blues” with dreamy, otherworldly and eerie feeling. Looking through these two photo series one can see both, the beautiful and treacherous world of Sundews.

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Read the full story at and see all the stunning macro photos right there:

My Macro Photos Of Alien-like Carnivorous Plants Called Drosera


Article Source: My Macro Photos Of Alien-like Carnivorous Plants Called Drosera

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